Custom Home Office

Based on recent survey data, slightly more than 2% of the U.S. employee workforce, or approximately 2.8 million people, consider home their primary place of work. For the best productivity, a home office should be set up in a room that is separate from the daily household commotion, and one with a door will help immensely. Being able to seclude yourself has to be a conscious decision, and your work environment should be a reflection of you.

Additional storage space, including archive space, and lighting should also be taken into consideration. For many office setups, an L-shaped desk works best, so that you can center your computer in the middle and have ample space on either side of the computer monitor for paperwork. Speaking of your computer, you will want a keyboard shelf or drawer that is large enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse pad and mouse.

emember, you may be spending at least a third of your day in this space, so you’ll want it to be comfortable. Superior Cabinetry can help you design a space that both fits your needs and gives you a comfortable place from which to work.