About Superior Cabinetry

At Superior Cabinetry our reputation has been built upon the quality of our cabinets. We use only the best materials and trusted handcrafted construction methods to give you a cabinet that will last a lifetime. We believe it is not only the materials and methods, but also the maker that determines the quality of a cabinet. We have one of the best master cabinetmakers in the country, with over 20 years of experience, who supervises each project. We are obsessed with getting the details right and our goal is nothing short of perfection.

We offer truly custom cabinets. Most manufacturers offer the consumer a small selection of cabinet options. However, if you are looking to make your project truly original, a small selection just will not do. With Superior Cabinetry you have unlimited choices of wood types, finishes, door styles, and design elements.

Because you are dealing directly with a cabinet manufacturer, the exceptional quality and style does not mean you will pay an exceptional price. Our cabinet prices are comparable to national retailer's top of the line box cabinets.

We have an experience sales staff who are knowledgeable not only about great cabinets, but about the entire building and remodeling process. We offer great service at every step of your project from planning to warranty. We strive to get you exactly what you want when you need it. For those who are working with a Kitchen Designer or have a complete set of plans, we are happy to be working as part of your project teams. For those just getting started, we can help you create the room of your dreams. Our great Service doesn't end when the cabinets are delivered. We offer a comprehensive warranty for the life of your cabinets.